Warning! Fake ALLSCAFF GB email

Warning! Fake ALLSCAFF GB emailHere we go again, after a brief period of quiet on the infected spam emails, two have arrived today, the second is alledgedly from ALLSCAFF GB and is an invoice for £370 in this case. Again, I know this is fake as I've never heard of a firm called ALLSCAFF nor have I bought anything from them. Again, the fact that this is a fake is shown by the fact the email from which it is sent is pretty random and is <scott.mitchell {at} brownbrotherscny. >and who Brown Brothers are is unknown...

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Warning! Indeed Fake Invoice email

Warning! Indeed Fake Invoice emailHere we go again, after a brief period of quiet on the infected spam emails, two have arrived today, the first is alledgedly from Indeed, an online job site, requesting payment for a Best Network Recruitment invoice of £269.03. All looks okay, BUT I've never used indeed and the sender is not even spoofed as indeed, but in fact appears to come from <chiara.pasqualini  {at} bobnolley. > As for who bob nolley is and why he is allowing people to send infected emails I don't know...

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Warning! Fake US Treasury email

Warning! Fake US treasury Scam EmailJust  received a lovely email from the US Secretary of the Treasury advising me that I am the beneficiary of some $3,550,000.00. All I have to do is confirm my email, Full Name, Residential Address, Phone number and Occupation.

Rather than simply reply to the treasury.com address, I should direct my reply to him at a qq.com which is a Chinese chat site email.

At least they are not after my bank details (YET), though they would need these in due course to transfer the money... OUT of...

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Warning! Fake Passcomm emails

Warning! Fake Passmore Ltd infected emailsThe latest fake and infected email to drop into my inbox is alledgedly from Passcomm Ltd, whom I have never heard off I must admit, which goes to show that this invoice request for payment is a scam.

The sender is (possibly spoofed as) paytonto.yau {at} inscotlandnow{.}co{.}uk and requests that I pay some sort of fake invoice. Although I cannot find an actual link to click, there is a lot of HTML code using hidden tags so at the very least I have to assume that if I were to view this email...

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Warning! Phishing Phone Call

Warning! Fake D&G insurance scam cold callsA friend received a very convincing phone call this afternoon, purported to be from Domestic & General, about his Washing Machine.

He was told that "Your insurance is due for renewal" (it is) "we can now offer you a month free and a reduction in monthly payments" so far so good details seem correct

Then "We just need to take some details off you, we need your bank sort code" bell starts to ring a little, he did give the sort code, then they asked " what is your account number?" bell...

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Warning! Safety Supply Scan

Warning! Safety Supply company/Bally Bofey Carpets scam emailA strange one dropped into my inbox this lunchtime, alledgedly from The Safety Supply Company with a Scan? Although it could be spoofed anyway, it apparently was sent by ballybofeycarpets {dot} com and has a link to something hosted on said bally bofey carpets website.

Perhaps a hacked site or just one used by hackers, who knows, but as always NEVER EVER click any link in an unexpected and strange email, it's more likely than not an attempt to con you into infecting your own computer with...

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Nigerian 419 Scam Back

After a long period of quiet, the Nigerian 419 Scam emails are making their return! These are so called as the number "419" refers to the section of the Nigerian Criminal Code dealing with fraud, the charges and penalties for offenders.

This particular one seems to be sent by someone called Jagtap Shashikant (Contractor) and uses a US email address, probably spoofed (faked) and was had a subject of "Sehr geehrter Herr / Frau" which I believe to be German.

The message is:


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Warning! NTS Premier fake email

Warning! Fake NTS Premier Services EmailAfter a break from receiving many infected and fake emails, it seems that they are starting up again!

Today's is alledgedly from NTS Premier Services and claims to be an invoice for over £4k. It's a scam trying to con people into clickiing a link as a £4k plus invoice appearing out of the blue will panic some people into clicking a link, or perhaps just opening the email within Outlook or another HTML viewer which will infect your computer with malware or encrypt your files.

Looking at...

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Warning! Tv Providers Discount

Warning! Tv Providers Discount Fraud The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) have noticed an increase in Action Fraud reports where fraudsters are offering a discount on Television service provider subscriptions. Fraudsters are cold-calling victims, purporting to be from a Television (TV) provider offering a discount on their monthly subscription. Victims have been told the following: their subscription needs to be renewed; that part or all, of the TV equipment has expired and they are due an upgrade on the...

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Warning! Fake US Bank emails

Warning! Fake USBank Online email warningBe aware, there are fake infected emails alledgedly from US Bank Online circulating currently. These falsely claim, that  "your credit-based card account was billed at Apple Online Store for" a few thousand dollars! Of course, they are NOT from Apple and have no connection to Apple and no connection to any genuine US Bank!

One I have received was sent from usbank {at} stjamesmac {dot} com and had a subject of "Apple Alert Regarding Your Recent Order" and a link to "Get Your Receipt"...

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