Warning! Chrome infection

Chrome infectionWhilst not an email infection, it has been found that the a-hole scammers pretending to be Microsoft Tech Support (and have NOTHING to do with MS) has found a loophole in Google Chrome that makes users think that the browser has been infected and locked. According to the scammers you have to call them to get them to unlock your browser, at a price!

Example of 'Technical Support' Scammers infection

Here's the FREE way to fix this! Press CTRL, ALT and DELete keys together, select Task Manager and select Chrome and click End Task. Now for your own safety, run your anti-virus program just to check that there is nothing else lurking on your computer as the scammers may try to download a large number of files. Check out Malwarebytes blog post for more details. If you do not already have an Anti-Virus, download Anti-Malwarebytes for free.