How to add a Slide Show

How to add a slide show to articles using DJ-Image Slider.

Log in to the admin pages.

Click Components, click Dj-ImageSlider

Create a Category.

  1. Click Categories (to make sure the Group you are adding a slider for, does not already exist).
  2. If it does not already exist, Click the Green New button (top left).
  3. In the New Category window, use the Title box to get the category a descriptive name for the group. (eg: Community Action Ilkley)
  4. In Alias, where possible, give a one-word name (eg: cai) in lower case.
  5. Click Save & Close.

Create the Slides to use.

Now click Slides (on the left hand side menu).

Here you add the slides used by your category.

  1. Click the Green New button.
  2. Again, give the slide a brief Title about the slide/image you wish to use.
  3. Ensure the Category is correct for the group you are using. (eg: Community Action Ilkley).
  4. Click Select on the Slide Image box to browse to the image folder.
  5. In the Change Image window, click groups, then the short name for the group (eg: cai)
  6. Now choose the first image you wish to display. Click it once, you should see a green tick appear on it, then click the Green Insert button at the top right. Now Click Save & New if you have more slides to create, or Save & Close to finish.
  7. Continue until you have created the number of slides you wish to display within the article (ie: Volunteering Position Offered by the group).

Now to create the actual Slide Show.

Click Extensions, then Modules.

  1. Click the green New button.
  2. From the list offered, choose DJ-ImageSlider.
  3. Give it a short name for the Group, eg: CAI (this time in capitals).
  4. On the Module tab, Choose Slider Source: as Component. Leave the other settings as default for now.
  5. Folder as Source now changes to Component as a source. (just below Slider source).
  6. Select the correct Slides category. Eg: Community Action Ilkley
  7. Now click on Customise Slider tab
  8. Set Visible images to 1 and Link image to Don't Link
  9. The others can be left as default.

Now click Save and Close

You have now created your slides and slide show. Just to add it to the article now.

Click Content and choose Articles.

  1. Locate the article you wish to add the slideshow to or create a new article.
  2. If a new article, create your article then position your cursor where you wish to insert the slideshow and click Module in the editor menu.
  3. In the new Module window, locate the module with the group name you have just created, eg:CAI and click the Title button with that name.
  4. Your slideshow will be inserted into your article as { module CAI }.
  5. If it is an existing article, you can now Preview it, otherwise, you need to Save it, then the Preview option appears.

If everything is working you have added a slide show to your article, congratulations. If not, you may have missed a step out, so please go back and check the above steps.