Warning! Fake FedEx emails

Warning! Fake FedEx Tracking Number emailsA number of fake and infected emails alledgedly from Fed-Ex are circulating currently. With a subject of FedEx Tracking Number and the message "FedEx Tracking Click on the tracking number listed below to see shipment details:" in the body of the email. The number given is linked to an auto executing file that will doubtless infect your machine with malware at best and encrypt your computers files at worse and may very well attempt to send your banking details off to the hackers.

The email and file linked is nothing to do with FedEx and is hosted by (in at least one instance) a website called vongagedigitialsignage {dot} com. Without risking my computer by checking this site I cannot tell if this is a genuine website that has been hacked or is a fake infection site but as always, never click a link in an unexpected email, especially one that you are not expecting nor from a firm you've never heard, these days, it'll be an attempt to scam you or infect your computer.