Warning! Invoice March 2018

Warning! Fake Invoice March 2018 email scamsYet more infected emails arriving today, this time alledgedly from Entrust Insurance Services of Fleet here in the UK. Of course, they aren't but rather yet more attempts to scam money out of people or to infect your computers.

Both in fact are sent by totalinvocies{dot}co{dot}uk and note the mis-spelling of invoices. Both have a link to a zip file for you to download (and infect your machine once you open it) and this is stored on k9therapy{dot}co{dot}uk which may be a genuine site that has been hacked. Also rayli{dot}co{dot}uk is likewise used to host the files.

These scammers are even stupid enough to use MailChimp services, and they can be reported as abusing the MC system at mailchimp own abuse reporting website.

As ever, never click a link in an unexpected email, especially one that you are not expecting nor from a firm you've never heard, these days, it'll be an attempt to scam you or infect your computer.