Warning! Cyber Fraud Attempt

Warning! Fake CyberFraud eMail  ThreatJust received an email threatening me with exposure as this asshole has "infected my OS with a virus", also he has a porn video of me sent to a non-personal email address.

All lies, simply an attempt to con people into sending money off to avoid exposure! What a pathetic attempt to scare people into parting with money on false pretences. If you get one of these, report it to the police, ignore it and delete it, do not respond and never send money to such a obvious attempt to defraud you.

Good day.
Dont consider on my illiteracy, I am from Belgium.

I put mine virus on your OS.

After that I pilfered all  individual background from your system. In addition I obtained some more compromising.


And it goes on, and on... There is no infection, there are no comprising images data. It's a pure scam.