Warning! Internet Compromised!

Warning! Internet Compromised PhotcallWhilst not an infected email, it is certainly a scam! One of my clients has just been in touch to ask my advice on a phone call he received earlier today.

When he answered the phone, he was greeted by an electronic message to the effect that his "Internet connection had been compromised" and he should Press 1 (on the telephone keypad) to talk to an operator to resolve this issue before his line is disconnected within the next 24 hours.

The caller did not specify which ISP of course, they would just be hoping to con enough people into pressing "1" so as to con them into giving their banking details so they "don't lose their internet connection". They may not lose their internet, but they would lose a lot of money if they did give details of their bank!

Never respond to cold calls like this, it's all a scam! Thankfully my client simply hung up and called me!