Warning! Infinity Cottage Fakes

Warning! Fake Infinity Cottage Invoice eMailsLatest fake email with infected files linked to download alledgedly comes from Infinity Cottage, apparently an Australian Firm though I don't know what they actually offer. The link to "download company invoice" in fact points to some vnntravel site whilst a second link points to what might be a document stored on menvisinhbifina {dot} com site.

As always, never click on any link in an email that turns out of the blue suggesting you have an invoice to view, 9 times of out 10 it'll be yet...

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Warning! Fake Quill Invoices

Warning! Fake Quill Credit Card Invoice EmailsBe aware that there are fake emails from Quill.com whomever they are, floating around.

Dear Customer,

Your most recent Credit Card Purchase Receipt from Quill is now ready to
view online.

The spoofed links in the email do not point to Quill's website, nor are they directed to a PDF as stated, they point to a encoded url which is probably going to be a self-running php file that infects your computer with malware or worse, encrypting your files with one of the many Crypto-scams...

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Warning! Starofservice 2

Warning! Further spamming from StarOfService Yet more spam from this StarOfService website! I don't understand what their game is but they love to send out unsolicited spam emails on an almost daily basis yet looking at their website, they do seem to be a genuine firm. BUT! Their harvesting of personal email address to add to their dubious business mailings is quite illegal here in the UK and a total waste of time and bandwidth.

They do not, and never have had my permission to use, store or disclose my email address yet, being French...

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Warning! Chrome infection

Chrome infectionWhilst not an email infection, it has been found that the a-hole scammers pretending to be Microsoft Tech Support (and have NOTHING to do with MS) has found a loophole in Google Chrome that makes users think that the browser has been infected and locked. According to the scammers you have to call them to get them to unlock your browser, at a price!

Example of 'Technical Support' Scammers infection

Here's the FREE way to fix this! Press CTRL, ALT and DELete keys together, select Task Manager and select Chrome and click End Task. Now for...

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Warning! Fake USPS email

Warning! Fake USPS eMailIt's been quiet on the Fake Email front recently, but a new one just in alledgedly from the US Postal Service advising me that a parcel has been sent to me, along with a link to check its status.

Now, while the visible link does seem to point to the usps website, in actual fact this is spoofed and the link actually points to a php executable file on a houston-executive-suites website. I don't know if this is a bogus site or if it has been infected/hacked, but regardless, never click a link...

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Warning! Fake Cyber Deals

Warning! Fake Cyber Deal emailThere are plenty of warnings out there about fake deal emails but people are still conned into clicking and sending their money off only to receive nothing or some really cheap worthless crap.

One such email is alledgedly from Coach Bags, whoever they are, but is in fact sent from 25738.bid domain. Among the rubbish used to fill up the email is the following statement: (Note the word that I have highlighted in bold).

Free Overnight Shipping and Returns on all orders! foggages hoax pirogi...

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Warning! US Postal Service

Warning! Fake US Postal Service MailHold emailsFake emails arriving from (alledgedly) the US Postal Service, actually sent from usapack{dot}com with links to view my "Hold Mail Confirmation" Invoice or notice which in fact point to infected or fake/hacked websites including swatfootwear{dot}com and packin-tee{dot}com.

As always, never click on any links in emails that you are not expecting nor recognise!

Warning! Fake Microsoft email

Warning! Fake Microsoft Team EmailJust received a very worrying fake email. alledgedly from Microsoft! So FAKE! So important to warn your friends and family about this one!

As can be seen from the screenshot, this is NOT sent by Microsoft, in fact Microsoft never send people emails, this is a blatent attempt to con people into "downloading" a secure message, which is nothing of the sort, but a file that will open an infected website that will damage your computer, encrypt your files, steal your personal and banking details...

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Warning! Fake Job Adverts

Warning! Fake Job Opportunity emailsBe aware that there are a number of obviously fake non-English job "opportunities" emails floating around currently. I must have received a couple of dozen over the weekend!

Most appear to be in German and the subject of at least one was " Karriere Wachstum" (Career Growth).

The content (when translated) is along the lines of

We are looking for employees who want to work from home.
My name is Andrew and I am the HR manager of a large, international company.
You can do most of the...

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Warning! Legally Binding email

Warning! Legally Binding Documents - Fake emailsA number of infected emails seem to be circulating this evening, with a subject of " Your Legally Binding Contract document is ready for signature!" They start off with that "Your Amending Agreement ### " (the number given is different each time and requests that you review an agreement by clicking the Review Document link in the email. The sending domain seems to be sign{dot}com.

They go on to say that the document contains a secure link to DocuSign and it shouldn't be shared with...

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