Warning! Apollo Minerals Limited fake emails

Warning! Fake Xero Billing NotificationStill more infected  fake Xero Billing Notification emails arriving in my inbox. As seems to be the norm these days, the infected files are hosted on Microsoft's my-sharepoint.com hosting site with an apparently Australian domain being vulnerable. So many of these user storage areas seem to be hosted infected files, you have to wonder if it is a real security issue with Microsoft themselves or dozens of Australian users have very poor passwords, or are simply involved with the hackers!

As always, NEVER click on a link in such an obviously fake email as they will not be a document as the scammers suggest, but an auto running file that will infect your computer.

The Xero billling received today is spoofed to make you believe it is sent by xeromc{dot}net and the infected file, which is NOT a document of your invoice, but a self running file that will infect your computer, is hosted at nexusbusiness_com_au on my.sharepoint.com

Whilst the next is from (alledgedly) Apollo Minerals using a qbaccountants{dot}net domain has the infected file stored at officechoice_com on the regular my-sharepoint.com website.