Warning! Fake Sales Order

Warning! Fake Sales Order EmailsBe aware that there are yet more fake eMails floating around, this time they are alledgedly coming from Outbue plc (whoever they are) with a subject of "Sales Order" and a number.

The content has "Payment transferred to Pacific Wholesale Distributors this morning for $" the amount will no doubt vary from fake email to fake email. If you view the email in outlook or any web based email reader that shows images etc, then there are tracking images that report back to the senders that the email has been viewed and by the specific email address it was sent to, thus confirming that your email address is valid. This opens you up to a load more spam and infection attempts! Be warned, disable your viewing option in your email reader!

The images that report back seem to be hosted at f9m27ach.emltrk{dot}com. Thre did not seem to be a link that yo ucould click that would infect your computer, so I'm guessing these are an attempt to find valid email addresses.