Warning! RingCentral fake emails

Warning! Fake RingCentral infected fax emailsDon't know who Ring Central or moccentralusa{dot}com are supposed to be but apparently they are currently sending out multiple fake and infected emails advising you that you have a new incoming fax with a link that suggests there is a fax to download to Office. Of course it is no such thing but rather a php file that will run itself when you click the link and infect your computer, probably with a cryptlocker type infection which will cost you a LOT of money to recover, if at all, you would be more likely to support criminals and not receive any unlock instructions Much better to make regular backups of your data and keep the drive containing the data, unplugged whilst not actually making the backup. Never click on such links in what are obviously false emails. The spelling mistakes in these emails are often a dead giveaway.