BACS Transfer emails

danger iconIn addition to the various infected eMails going the rounds at the moment, (subjects include: Invoice, Fax, Statement, Receipt etc etc) the latest with an infected attachment has a Subject that starts with BACS Transfer: Remittance for ... followed by a set of letters and numbers asking you to open the attachment.


We have arranged a BACS transfer to your bank for the following amount : varies
Please find details attached.

Never open an attachment, or click on any links in such an...

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Latest Infected emails

danger will robinson!Please be aware that there are currently (October 2014) infected emails going the rounds.

They have Subjects like Re: New Order (as well as Invoice, Statement) or You have received a Voice Mail and the latter appears to come from Microsoft Outlook, though the actual sender is nothing like Outlook nor has any connection with Microsoft.

They also are easy to spot as they have a 300Kb or larger attachment and usually come from total strangers or emails you've never had dealings with. If you open...

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Infected eMail Warning

danger iconPlease be aware that currently there are a large number of infected eMails going the rounds which have large attachments probably from people you've never heard of.

These have Subjects that start: Invoice or Statement or Remittance or Your Order is Ready, or Fax Report, all of which should NOT be opened, viewed and certainly never click any links and never, ever open the attchments.

These attachments vary in size from 100-500Kb.

Also spotted recently are Subjects with Fuul Card E-billĀ  and...

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Please verify your Apple ID - Scam text?

I've received a couple of probably fake texts alledgely from Apple asking me to verify my Apple ID with a link directing me to a long URL which ends which I'm feeling pretty sure is a fake site.

Fake Apple iTunes Bill email

Be aware that some emails are being sent out from an Israeli IP that are alledgedly from iTunes confirming you have authorised a subscription to NetFlix for ?41.99 a month. To "manage your subscription" the Apple link is in fact spoofed and really points to a address.

If you were to click on the link in the email you would probably end up with an infected computer at the least, and if you entered your Apple ID you'd rapidly find you'll really be charged for a lot of stuff you...

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