Vistaprint VAT Invoice - Fake eMail warning

danger iconI've just receive an email supposedly sent by VistaPrint at 12.15 today, it wasn't, it's an infected malware laden attempt to con people into opening the payload in the attachment.

I spoke to Vistaprint and they are now becoming aware of the issue. It is fake and Vistaprint are looking into it.

It seems genuine at first as it was sent to the same email address as I do use for Vistaprint but the subject refers to an invalid invoice number and according to Steve at Sane Security there is a...

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Aspiring Solicitors Debt Collection eMail Warning

danger iconYet another infected Spam email doing the rounds, first time I've received one with this subject.

It comes claiming to be from Aspiring Solicitors representing National Westmenister Bank demanding payment for GBP 2,345 (pounds). As an incentive to pay you are informed that an additional GBP 995 (pounds) will be added once proceedings have been issued. The mis-spelt name of a bank is used 4 times. All pointing to the fact that this is of course a FAKE email, a badly faked one at that.


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Barclaycard spam email warning

danger iconHad another spoof or infected email today, this time alledgedly from barclaycard. This one advising me that my credit limit has been incresed and asking me to download the document attached to confirm the increase.

Hidden in the email header is the fact that the email was routed via which suggests that this is one of the many Ukranian Spoof sites, another major giveaway that this email is not from barclaycard is that I'm not, nor have I ever been a Barclaycard user.


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Natwest Banking (Alledgedly) email warning

danger iconYet another infected email on the rounds arrived today. It's very obvious to me that this is a spoof email with malicious intent as (a) I'm not a customer of NatWest and (b) it's addressed to "Good Afternoon". The email than goes on to request I open an "attached content" regarding my account incident". The subject starts off "RE:Incident..."

The email is supposed sent from Sherman.Cameron AT but in actual fact this is a spoofed address and comes from scitpo [AT]...

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Offline Message emails warning

danger iconNew infected emails hitting your inbox may be from someone you know, in which case their computer has been infected and the email you've just received is trying to infect your computer!

The give away is in the message which is "I have sent you an Offline Message" and a link along the lines of "Click here to locate message"

The link is strange and directs you to an infected page or site. Delete the message unread!

So far, the infected eMails I've seen have a one word subject: crucial or desi...

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Remittance or Re:Remittance eMail Warning

danger iconYet again, those spammers are sending out yet more infected emails!

These appear to come from:- From: "first name second name" though the email address used shows no match to these names.

The Subject of these eMails starts with Re: Remittance [Report ID: followed by five digits, a dash and 7 more digits and finally ]. These seems to be around 35.6-36.2Kb in size and the attachment has 10 characters as a name and is an XLS file, or so it claims. NEVER open the attachment, just permanently...

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danger iconThe latest  junk email seems to  consist of pretty random subject and contents. There'll be some sort of package that will not doubt try to infect you somehow, but I don't know what.

So far, the only links I found between them are that both emails so far received are that both where apparently sent via domain.

Example 1:  email  prefix user name, Two different films with the same title, the same leading actor and the same music director. Metal detectors

Example 2:  email  prefix user...

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BACS Transfer emails

danger iconIn addition to the various infected eMails going the rounds at the moment, (subjects include: Invoice, Fax, Statement, Receipt etc etc) the latest with an infected attachment has a Subject that starts with BACS Transfer: Remittance for ... followed by a set of letters and numbers asking you to open the attachment.


We have arranged a BACS transfer to your bank for the following amount : varies
Please find details attached.

Never open an attachment, or click on any links in such an...

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Latest Infected emails

danger will robinson!Please be aware that there are currently (October 2014) infected emails going the rounds.

They have Subjects like Re: New Order (as well as Invoice, Statement) or You have received a Voice Mail and the latter appears to come from Microsoft Outlook, though the actual sender is nothing like Outlook nor has any connection with Microsoft.

They also are easy to spot as they have a 300Kb or larger attachment and usually come from total strangers or emails you've never had dealings with. If you open...

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Infected eMail Warning

danger iconPlease be aware that currently there are a large number of infected eMails going the rounds which have large attachments probably from people you've never heard of.

These have Subjects that start: Invoice or Statement or Remittance or Your Order is Ready, or Fax Report, all of which should NOT be opened, viewed and certainly never click any links and never, ever open the attchments.

These attachments vary in size from 100-500Kb.

Also spotted recently are Subjects with Fuul Card E-bill  and...

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