Fake Amazon shipping emails - Warning

Your Amazon.com order has shipped, but sent from amazons.com! Fake Amazon email advising that your $1620+ computer has shipped is just that, a fake.

There is a link to click, supposedly so you can check something, but it actually leads to a Brazilian website which no doubt tries to get you to enter your amazon login details or confirm your credit card so as to cancel the order, though I'm guessing here as I'll never click on such a fake link.

Just delete such fake emails, or report them...

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Parcel Claim Reminder email - Warning!

Scam Email WarningYet another scam/cyberfraud email arriving today. This time alledgedly from an Italian firm advising that I've a parcel to collect, from Italy! It's supposed to be a cash prize from something I've never entered not to mention the sender's email address has been spoofed (faked).

Dear Esteemed Customer,
 Your package/diplomatic pouch is ready to be delivered. You have to call stating your LAST NAME and First Name for us to verify your details and also send your telephone number with...

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Fake Barclaycard email - Warning

Fake Email - CyberFraudYet another fake email, alledgedly from Barclaycard, but of course is quite fake and should be ignored. Report it by all means to phishing at barclaycard.co.uk if you wish.

CyberScam! No personal details given, just a link to confirm your details to increase your credit limit by £750,00 and the link, IF clicked, would take to you a fake site that is actually redirected via bit.do

Most obvious givaway that it's a fake? I've never had a Barclaycard!


Latest Fake Apple email - Warning

The latest fake Apple email has arrived today with the subject of Apple Security Measures.

Dear Apple Customer
We have faced some problems with your account Please confirm your billing details, If you do not confirm your account within 24 hours it will be Permenatly Closed !

To update your account, just confirm your informations, It's easy:
Click Here to Update  www.apple.com/support/update[Links to ://FAKE.interwurlitzer.com/mc.html]

Click the link below to open a...

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Warning! Fake Car Insurance Claim Text

sms imageJust received a text message this morning from 07751 634 682 stating that "Our records indicate you're in line for receiving compensation for a non-fault motor accident. Reply YES to claim now. Reply NO to opt-out."

As they are lying (I'm not on their records and I've not being in an accident) this is obviously a fraudulent text message from an unscrupulous "firm" don't reply to it, not even to say NO to "opt-out". It'll be one of these fake unsubscribe options where by confirming your...

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Latest Ransomware - Invoice eMail warning

danger iconJust had notification that the current load of spam eMails going the rounds which have a title of Invoice: followed by a number and an attachment, probably a word .doc are the newer version of Cryptlocker. Cryptlocker was a nasty virus that among other things encrypted your documents and the ONLY way to recover them was to pay the spammers some £300 in the hopes that they would give you the de-cryption key.

This latest infection relies on you opening the so called .doc file and then...

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Sainsbury gift card notification - eMail warning

danger iconJust received a "Sainsbury gift card notification" email, and of course it's NOT from J S Sainsburys, the supermarket group, though it is trying to imply that so as to fool you into clicking on the embedded links which point NOT to Sainsbury's but in fact to various tracker.mcontact.pro sites and was sent from zepreem.com, again not Sainsbury's.

As always with those fake emails, you should never open such an email, nor click on any of the links and if there is an attachment don't open it as it...

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Infected eMail warning - Bruce Neal agent Fedex

danger iconYet another infected fake email appearing, this time allegedly from Fedex but in fact sent via dreamspaceny.com and telecomitalia.it in this case.

The subject was Bruce Neal agent Fedex sent from FeDex (!) and the contents where:

Dear Customer,                        
We attempted to deliver your package on February 23th, 2016,
10:00 AM. The delivery attempt failed because the...

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tracking documents - Infected eMail Warning

danger iconThere are currently fake, and infected, eMails going the rounds allegedly containing a Word doc with the title of cmsharpscam {at} gmail with the subject title of tracking documents (219alteregos: message 3 of 4)‏ which you should under no circumstances open, click on or touch with a ten foot bargepole!

Simply delete the entire email immediately.

Of course, the best option is to never allow it on your computer in the first place, and if others use your computer, at home or at work, then...

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Department of Compensation rip off calls

warning of scam phone calling numbersOkay, so it's not an infected email but it's nearly as bad!

There seems to be an ever growing number of nusiance telephone calls coming in day after day at the moment, all from such scams as the "Department of bullsh1t, sorry, Compensation".

Some fake firm trying to con us into giving them our bank details or in general wasting out time whilst trying to sell us some sort of compensation scheme, all ringing without having any permission to mis-use your private phone number.

So far the numbers...

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