You have received a document file via WhatsApp eMail Warning!

danger iconYou find an email in your inbox from someone you don't know with an attached .doc file, sent via WhatsApp.

What's wrong with this picture? I don't know the sender, I don't know why he (or she) would be sending me such a file and when I look at the details of the file, it's Encoded!
This is most likely to be yet another attempt for some hacker to try to infect my computer and I will be deleting the email, and infected file from the server without allowing it to download to my computer. If you get one of these and you've downloaded it to you r computer, NEVER try to open the attachment, it WILL infect your computer with one nasty or another, just permanently delete it.

Of course, the best option is to never allow it on your computer in the first place, and if others use your computer, at home or at work, then the thing to do is to set up a rule to delete it immediately in your email program.

Create a rule, where the conditions includes "with specific words in the body", in Step 2 click on the specific words link and add WhatsApp and click Next. Now, Select the action to "permanently delete it", you may also wish to stop processing rules and confirm that you want to do this, then Finish. Next time one of these hacked emails arrives and you accidently download it, it'll be removed automatically.