Winning Lotto News - Fake eMail Warning

danger iconThere are currently fake eMails going the rounds allegedly from with the subject title of Re: Apply for your Claims which you should under no circumstances click on any link or respond to or touch with a ten foot bargepole!

The visible contents of the email are

Attn: Beneficiary Email Winner,
We proudly bring to your notice, the results of our online draws of the STAATS LOTERIJ EMAIL AWARD PROMOTIONS. 

You have been selected as the second category winner in our online draws done via computer ballot system,  there were no tickets purchased. Your email address was selected from the world wide web and was attached to your winning numbers FLC/67744436. You have been awarded a lump sum pay out of 2,000,000.00eur (Two million euros only), which is the winning payout for 2nd category winner in the online draws.

It's one of these "If it sounds too good to be true, it's a scam". If you respond in any way to this sort of con, you risk losing the contents of your bank account at the very least. Simply delete the entire email immediately.