Latest firms to illegally add people to spam list

danger iconYet another of these firms, who DO have a website, unlike the infected spam emailers, that has decided to illegally add my personal email address to their business mailing eLists.

Although illegal, there is often no way of stopping these mailing firms from adding you to their lists without your permission as trying to get them to stop simply confirms your email address is valid so they sell it on time and time again, all quite illegal as you never gave them permission to use it in the first place. BBC Watchdog is currently looking into cold call firms that sell your number even when you've registered with the Telephone Prefernce Service, a FREE service that tells genuine marketing firms that they must NOT call you. I wonder if Watchdog would like a list of these firms illegally stealing email addresses? uses HairySpire Email Marketer software so I feel that both firms should be prosecuted for illegal use of personal data without permission.

The following firms have now decided to manually add me to their mailing lists without permission, a clear breech of Section 11 of the Data Protection Act.

The list just goes on and on!