Parcel Claim Reminder email - Warning!

Scam Email WarningYet another scam/cyberfraud email arriving today. This time alledgedly from an Italian firm advising that I've a parcel to collect, from Italy! It's supposed to be a cash prize from something I've never entered not to mention the sender's email address has been spoofed (faked).

Dear Esteemed Customer,
 Your package/diplomatic pouch is ready to be delivered. You have to call stating your LAST NAME and First Name for us to verify your details and also send your telephone number with which we can reach you in case we will need further details to confirm your booking for delivery.
 This package is being sent to you from the European Financial Authorities as a highly classified package,so you should attend to this case promptly.You have to Confirm if you wish to come to Italy for pickup of your cash or if you want us to deliver to you in your location.
 Looking forward to a prompt response from you.
 Giovana Aris.
(Special Dip. Package Forwarders)

So fake of course, never respond to any spam like this as all you will do is give your name, address and a phone number to scammers who will call you and bully and threaten you into doing something you don't want to do. Please advise your older relatives that this scam is about and warn them not to respond in anyway.