Infected eMail warning - Bruce Neal agent Fedex

danger iconYet another infected fake email appearing, this time allegedly from Fedex but in fact sent via and in this case.

The subject was Bruce Neal agent Fedex sent from FeDex (!) and the contents where:

Dear Customer,                        
We attempted to deliver your package on February 23th, 2016,
10:00 AM. The delivery attempt failed because the address was business
closed or nobody could sign for it. To pick up the parcel,please, print the
receipt that is attached to this email and visit Fedex office
indicated in the receipt. If the package is not picked up within 48 hours,
it will be returned to the sender.
Label/Receipt Number: US5320026782933
Expected Delivery Date: February 23th, 2016                        
Class: International Package Service  
Service(s): Delivery Confirmation  
Status: Notification sent   
Thank you

With an attachment with is not a receipt, but an infected file that you should never open or view, simply delete unopened along with the entire fake email.