Department of Compensation rip off calls

warning of scam phone calling numbersOkay, so it's not an infected email but it's nearly as bad!

There seems to be an ever growing number of nusiance telephone calls coming in day after day at the moment, all from such scams as the "Department of bullsh1t, sorry, Compensation".

Some fake firm trying to con us into giving them our bank details or in general wasting out time whilst trying to sell us some sort of compensation scheme, all ringing without having any permission to mis-use your private phone number.

So far the numbers used to call have been 0843 or 0845 numbers. All you can do it seems is add each and every one to your phone's block list. I doubt it is even worth complaining to BT or any communications form that issues these numbers, after all, they get paid to supply the numbers without any responsibility for how the numbers are used, or more accurately, abused.

 0843 980 0137 0843 974 0483  0845 429 0057
0845 429 0140
(Thanks to Beth!)