Latest Ransomware - Invoice eMail warning

danger iconJust had notification that the current load of spam eMails going the rounds which have a title of Invoice: followed by a number and an attachment, probably a word .doc are the newer version of Cryptlocker. Cryptlocker was a nasty virus that among other things encrypted your documents and the ONLY way to recover them was to pay the spammers some £300 in the hopes that they would give you the de-cryption key.

This latest infection relies on you opening the so called .doc file and then allowing macros to run which destroys your documents by encrypting them and again, the only way to recover the files is to pay the spammers €400!

Don't open the email, certainly don't click on the attachment to "view the Invoice" and never ever enable Macro's in Word.

If you need to check if you have macro's disabled (recommended) here's how.