Yet another Illegal add to email spam list

danger iconLatest firm to illegally add me to their mailing list is trinityleedsproperties using Shame that there is no easy way to name and shame these junk mail "firms". If there was a central body to report this sort of thing for immediate prosecution I'd be a regular contributor! Unfortunately, as these "firms" are all fakes and not genuine, attempting to get them to stop is a waste of time and energy as doing so only advertises that the email address they are using is genuine. Simply blacklist them and delete.

And yet more: (All prefixed with noreply. and none of the domains have an actual website which just goes to show how much of a fake these spamming domains are.)


 Whichever hosting firms are hosting these unscrupulous spammers should consider deleting these domains and reporting the people setting them up to the authorities, but of course, no one will!

As it is, all we can do is blacklist the domains as spammers. Consider it done!