Fake Interfax infected email warning

danger iconA number of people have reported receiving emails from incoming {at} interfax.com. These are of course fake with javascript malware in the attached "fax".

Interfax have their own warning page about this issue but if you want to block these fake emails from getting into your computer and infecting it, or if you are on someone's network you can do this fairly easily when using Outlook (other program should have similiar rules, I'm just using Outlook as my example).

Open up Outlook, Click File at the top right, now click Manage Rules & Alerts, Click New Rule, now chose Start from a blank rule, Apply rule on messages I receive. Click Next.

Now select "with specific words in the sender's address" in Step 1, in Step 2, click on "specific words" link and enter "", then click ADD, then OK. Then click Next, then tick the box against "permanently delete it" and click YES on the outlook popup message, and you can also leave "stop processing more rules" ticked as once the message is deleted, nothing else can be done. Click NEXT twice or until you see Finish rule setup.

Give the rule a name in Step 1, Ensure Turn on this rule is ticked in Step2 and click Finish. Finally click OK.

Now, if you receive any further fake emails from incoming they will immediately be permanently deleted so that they can no longer infect your computer or network.