Warning! Dream Job emails

Warning! Spam emails flooding the netThere seems to be a tremendous number of spam emails floating around currently, basically stating that the sender has found a "dream job - do nothing and earn money"

Each email has a couple of links which probably point to a hacked and infected website, which if you click on the link (which you should NEVER do) will more than likely infect your computer with malware, ransomware or worst.

The sender's name is always different to the email address used and the amount that they have "earned"...

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Warning! Fake bill email

Warning! Fake email billsStrange email received today alledgedly from petropackaging{dot}com with a subject of Re: FW: bill for september asking for payment of an invoice "sent last week" with a link to renegademillionairemarketing{dot}domain.

Nothing obviously attached so I assume the website linked to is infected with auto executing software to damage your computer, or encrypt your files and infect it with malware.

As always, NEVER click a link on dubious emails, especially those not addressed to you...

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Warning! Offer for (name)

Warning! Infected emailJust received an email apparently addressed to me, but upon closer inspection, it's addressed to the email prefix which in this case is my first name. If it had gone to a different email address, it would have been "Offer for web". The body starts off with "Just couple hours ago I saw a thing that helped me realize" and comes from a Romanian email tnet.ro and the link in the body of the email directs you to what appears to be someones personal site that deals with their family history and...

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Warning! Fake Virgin Media Bill

Warning! Fake Virgin Media email BillThe latest fake and infected email is alledgedly from Virgin Media advising that your latest bill is ready. Of course this is fake, the email actually comes from virginmedia{dot}smebusinesslink{dot}com and the infected file that you are encouraged to download is stored as so often is the case these days, at Microsoft's my-sharepoint{dot}com website. Again with what appears to be an Australian user.


Of course it is not a bill, but more likely to be a php file that will run itself...

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Infected Larry Forman eMail

Warning! Infected file link in emailBe aware that there is a very suspicious email floating around, alledgedly from Larry Foreman Law office in the US. The one I got had a subject of Re: RE: subpoena, a worrying subject as I'm sure you would agree. Of course it's a fake and although it states that there is a Doc to view at the link within the email, it is a spoofed address that actually points to myhudson{dot}org and is not a doc file but a self running php file that will no doubt infect your computer with malware at the least...

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Warning! Infected BitCoin eMail

Warning! Infected Bitcoin spoof emailJust received a spam infected email alledgedly from blackinbox{dot}org with the subject of Re:Salary [$1000 /week] It starts off with "I just joined the Bitc0inC0de" and goes on to offer a link to a russian website which will probably download a file to infect your computer to possibly steal your data or even encrypt your data and files requiring that you have to pay the criminals an amount of money in the hopes that you might get an unlock code.

In fact all you would be doing if you paid is...

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Warning! Infected Video linking email

Warning! Infected Video in emailLatest infected email includes a link to view a Video file, alledgedly! With a subject of Re: CV 678 (might differ) coming from altovivento {dot} com which in one version at least starts off "A frined of mine invested in Uber..." and the video links to a hacked word press site at pranibali{dot}com

Of course it is no such thing but more likely to be a php file that will run itself when you click the link and infect your computer, probably with a cryptlocker type infection which will cost you...

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