Warning! Fake eFax message from "unknown"

Warning! Fake eFax messageThe latest in a long line of fake, infected emails advising me that I have a eFax message awaiting me has turned up in my inbox today. This time it's supposedly from faxing2 {.} com and the infected files are hosted on the what is now usual sharepoint {.} com site with what seems to be an Australian  user's details: cerebralpalsysuppo-my.sharepoint.com/personal/vicki_cavalieros_####_org_au/ (Partial URL). In fact two have now arrived to two different email addresses, both with identical subjects and contents.

As always NEVER click on such a link in an email like this, the whole idea of sending this rubbish out is to con people into infecting their own computers in an effort to send this sort of thing out to everyone in your address book, or worse still, encrypt your files that requires you to pay the hackers/criminals money to maybe, give you an unlock code! Much better to invest a little time and money in making secure backups of your computer regularly and if infected, reformat your hard drive, reinstall your OS and restore your computer from the backup.