Warning! Fake "Xero Billing Notifications" infected email

Warning! Fake infected email Latest infected fake email this week is alledgedly from Xero Billing and refers to a subscription invoice although there is no mention of the amount billed in the email.

This will no doubt be on the infected file that the scammers are trying to you to download to infect your machine. The email seems to be sent from open-e-mail {DOT} com and as seems to be the norm uses a sharepoint {DOT} com url, in this case sharepoint.com/personal/enna_lugo_stisd_###/_layouts (partial url).

As always NEVER click on such a link in an email like this, the whole idea of sending this rubbish out is to con people into infecting their own computers in an effort to send this sort of thing out to everyone in your address book, or worse still, encrypt your files that requires you to pay the hackers/criminals money to maybe, give you an unlock code! Much better to invest a little time and money in making secure backups of your computer regularly and if infected, reformat your hard drive, reinstall your OS and restore your computer from the backup.