Warning! Infected Fake My O2 Business email!

Warning! Fake O2 EmailLatest fake email I've received is alledgedly from O2 but of course this is untrue. The O2.com as sender is spoofed and does in fact come from sidegate{.]org and includes a file called JobResults.zip but of course it is neither a Zip or an invoice as suggested. This is more likely to be a executable file that will infect your computer with malware at the very least and could possibly encrypt your machine with ransomware to make it unusable.

As always, NEVER click a link or download a file that is even slightly iffy and unexpected from  an email, genuine firms such as O2 would never send you a download link in an email. Rather visit the actual O2 website using the URL typed in to your browser and log in to your account to view any genuine messages.