Online Marketplace Fraud Advice

Warning! Online Marketplace Fraud AdviceAction Fraud has received several reports indicating that sellers of items on online marketplace websites are falling victim to fraud by bogus buyers. Typically, the bogus buyers contact the seller wanting to purchase the item for sale and advise they will be sending the requested amount via PayPal or other electronic payment method. The seller then receives a fake, but official looking email stating they have been paid more than the asking price and to send the difference back to the buyer’s...

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New Android Malware

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Warning! Overdue Invoicely

Wqarning! Overduepayment notice from InvoicelyLatest attempt to scam people is entitled Overdue payment notice from Invoicely which informs me that "This digitally generated electronic mail is just a reminder that the following invoice is currently 2 days overdue". There is then a link to "Get Your Invoice" which in this case links to a satyastore{dot}com url pointing to an auto running file rather than a genuine document.

As ever, never click a link in an unexpected email, especially one that you are not expecting nor from a firm...

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Warning! Internet Compromised!

Warning! Internet Compromised PhotcallWhilst not an infected email, it is certainly a scam! One of my clients has just been in touch to ask my advice on a phone call he received earlier today.

When he answered the phone, he was greeted by an electronic message to the effect that his "Internet connection had been compromised" and he should Press 1 (on the telephone keypad) to talk to an operator to resolve this issue before his line is disconnected within the next 24 hours.

The caller did not specify which ISP of course, they...

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Warning! Fake BT Online Bill

Fake BT Business Invoice eMail ScamYet another fake and infected email circulating, this time alledgedly from BT Business but in fact is apparently sent from evotec{dot}com{dot}gt (which is a Guatemalan domain). This domain is also where the infected files that these scummers hope you will download to infect your computer are in fact stored. Absolutely NOTHING to do with BT of course.

As ever, never click a link in an unexpected email, especially one that you are not expecting nor from a firm you've never heard, these days...

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Warning! Invoice March 2018

Warning! Fake Invoice March 2018 email scamsYet more infected emails arriving today, this time alledgedly from Entrust Insurance Services of Fleet here in the UK. Of course, they aren't but rather yet more attempts to scam money out of people or to infect your computers.

Both in fact are sent by totalinvocies{dot}co{dot}uk and note the mis-spelling of invoices. Both have a link to a zip file for you to download (and infect your machine once you open it) and this is stored on k9therapy{dot}co{dot}uk which may be a genuine site that has...

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Warning! Shannon Rail Services

Warning! Shannon Rail Services Invoice eMail ScamYet another in the current round of fake eMail containing links to infected files, pretending to be invoices. In this case the sender is alledged to be Shannon Rail Services, but in fact the sender is jinacogroup{dot}com which is an IT company, based in London. Probably means that they have had their email hacked or spoofed.

However, the invoice link does point to this company's and is without a doubt an auto-running php file that will infect your computer with malware or worse, encrypt your...

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Warning! AA Life Insurance

Warning! Fake AA Life Insurance Scam eMailYet another attempt to scam money out of people going the rounds, this time purporting to be from the AA Life Insurance team with an Invoice for £394.87 and the invoice is available to download from, surprise, surprise, NOT the AA, but some site called nth-gen{dot}co{dot]uk. The file is apparently a ZIP file, which if downloaded and opened will no doubt infect your computer with malware or worse still, encrypt your files and data which you then have to pay some criminal to hopefully, unlock...

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Warning! Cyber Fraud Attempt

Warning! Fake CyberFraud eMail  ThreatJust received an email threatening me with exposure as this asshole has "infected my OS with a virus", also he has a porn video of me sent to a non-personal email address.

All lies, simply an attempt to con people into sending money off to avoid exposure! What a pathetic attempt to scare people into parting with money on false pretences. If you get one of these, report it to the police, ignore it and delete it, do not respond and never send money to such a obvious attempt to defraud you.


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Warning! City Sign Invoice

Warning! Fake City Sign and Graphics Invoice emailLatest fake invoice email with infected files linked to download alledgedly comes from City Sign & Graphics, though there are multiple website addresses refered to in the fake email. Among these are fleetalliance{dot}co{dot}uk, aipv{dot}co{dot}uk and an apparent US link to unsubscribe. The link to "download company invoice" in fact points to some the aipv site and appears to be a zip file with no doubt infected self running files if you download and open.

As always, never click on any...

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