Warning! Legally Binding email

Warning! Legally Binding Documents - Fake emailsA number of infected emails seem to be circulating this evening, with a subject of " Your Legally Binding Contract document is ready for signature!" They start off with that "Your Amending Agreement ### " (the number given is different each time and requests that you review an agreement by clicking the Review Document link in the email. The sending domain seems to be sign{dot}com.

They go on to say that the document contains a secure link to DocuSign and it shouldn't be shared with others.

Well, the so called secure link does not direct to DocuSign, in one case it links to toyotadirectdeals and another to safemedwingstrans. Either site linked to could be genuine sites that have been hacked or they could simply be malware sites. Regardless, NEVER click links in emails that you are not expecting nor firms that you have never dealt with. Also always check that the links really do point where they are supposed to. You can check this by hovering over a link (DON'T CLICK IT) and checking the url reported in the bottom bar of your browser.