Warning! Fake Louis Vuitton

I thought at first that this was a fake email from Louis Vitton, but that's what the scammers want you to think. It is in fact not from them nor is it from Louis Vuitton but was in fact sent from Erika {at} lvboston{.}top with a subject of (My name), Your Order Status and sent to an email address that doesn't actually have my name associated with it. So, I'm going to guess that someone who uses this email and knows me has their computer infected with malware.

Warning! Fake Louis Vitton email

As can be seen above, the email is in fact hidden and looking at the source code, is in fact encoded so if I viewed it normally on my computer, I would probably be already infected.

Luckily I use Mailwasher to preview any suspicious emails so they never get into my computer, but can be viewed and deleted direct from the email server!