Warning! Fake "New BT Bill"

Warning! Fake BT Bill email circulatingYet another fake email alledgedly from BT this time suggesting my BT bill is for £556.27 and there is a link to download so I can view the bill. The email looks genuine when viewed in a email program, or on a smart phone, but is of course fake, the scammers just use BT's images in an attempt to fool you into viewing the infected file that will at the very least fill your computer with malware and send out infected mail to your address book, and at worst, encrypt your files!

Subject is New BT Bill and comes from btbusiness (@) bttconnect.com (Note the extra "t" in the domain name). Once again the infected file is hosted at the sharepoint.com which is Microsoft's file hosting domain and they have nothing to do with the hackers, they've been conned as well.

The file is hosted at:- lifestylesolutionsaustltd-my.sharepoint.com/personal/margaret_######_lifestylesolutions_org_au/_layouts/ (Partial URL and I don't recommend anyone visit this)!

What is Ransomware?

As always, NEVER click on a link in such an obviously fake email as they will not be a document as the scammers suggest, but an auto running file that will infect your computer.