Warning! Fake Quickbooks email - infected payload

Warning! Infected fake email payload,Yet another fake and infected email alledgedly sent by Quickbooks with in this case, an attached invoice for $1,449,43 though there is no explaination as to what this "invoice" in actually for! It is of course quite fake and the payload will be an infected file that will at least attempt to infect my computer with malware, and at worst, encrypt my files!

The subject is Invoice (no.) for (a domain) from esquireinteriors{.}com but suggests it a quickbook's email and the infected file is stored on bestbrokerever{dot}com which will no doubt be a fake domain used to host these infected files, so not somewhere to visit!

What is Ransomware?

As always, NEVER click on a link in such an obviously fake email as they will not be a PDF as the scammers suggest, but an auto running file that will infect your computer.