Nigerian 419 Scam Back

After a long period of quiet, the Nigerian 419 Scam emails are making their return! These are so called as the number "419" refers to the section of the Nigerian Criminal Code dealing with fraud, the charges and penalties for offenders.

This particular one seems to be sent by someone called Jagtap Shashikant (Contractor) and uses a US email address, probably spoofed (faked) and was had a subject of "Sehr geehrter Herr / Frau" which I believe to be German.

The message is:


I have a very big business for you.

I am contacting you because you have a similar name with our late customer,
Late Engr. Carl. We've been looking for you to present you as relatives the
deceased customer to inherit his entire estate before it is returned to government
coffers by the end of this month. it absolutely riskfree believe me.

If interested, you can reach me with your full name and number for more details.

It's top secret. I would expect a reply if you are interested.

Mr. T Murasawa.

Althrough there are no obvious links in the above message, it is sent as HTML so if you view the message in an HTML enabled mail program, it will probably report back to the sender that your email address is valid and you could look forward to loads more spam and attempts to infect your machine via email.

The final insult is that the footer of the email is actually copied from a McDonald's email!

The information contained in this e-mail and any accompanying documents is confidential, may be privileged, and is intended solely for the person and/or entity to whom it is addressed (i.e. those identified in the "To" and "cc" box). They are the property of McDonald's Corporation. Unauthorized review, use, disclosure, or copying of this communication, or any part thereof, is strictly prohibited and may be unlawful. If you have received this e-mail in error, please return the e-mail and attachments to the sender and delete the e-mail and attachments and any copy from your system. McDonald's thanks you for your cooperation.