Warning! Fake ALLSCAFF GB email

Warning! Fake ALLSCAFF GB emailHere we go again, after a brief period of quiet on the infected spam emails, two have arrived today, the second is alledgedly from ALLSCAFF GB and is an invoice for £370 in this case. Again, I know this is fake as I've never heard of a firm called ALLSCAFF nor have I bought anything from them. Again, the fact that this is a fake is shown by the fact the email from which it is sent is pretty random and is <scott.mitchell {at} brownbrotherscny. >and who Brown Brothers are is unknown, possibly they could be involved with this scam or are victims of having their website hacked.

The link to "view Invoice" links to the brown brothers website so it is probably a hacked website and visiting it would no doubt result in your computer being infected by a file that would be downloaded simply by visiting the (hacked) website.

As always, NEVER click on a link in an unexpected email, especially from a firm you've never heard of or dealt with, and if possible, never even open it, simply delete it without viewing it.