Warning! NTS Premier fake email

Warning! Fake NTS Premier Services EmailAfter a break from receiving many infected and fake emails, it seems that they are starting up again!

Today's is alledgedly from NTS Premier Services and claims to be an invoice for over £4k. It's a scam trying to con people into clickiing a link as a £4k plus invoice appearing out of the blue will panic some people into clicking a link, or perhaps just opening the email within Outlook or another HTML viewer which will infect your computer with malware or encrypt your files.

Looking at this email in detail, I am unable to find an actual link to click, BUT examining the source code shows a LOT of hidden code within the body of the email which will advise the spammers/hackers that your email address is valid and possibly download malware to your computer, and will without you clicking on an actual link!

It really is worth while ensuring you don't open any suspect email in a HTML view and even disable your Outlook (express) viewing window.

The alledged sender is nothing to do with NTS Premier Services, whoever they are, but someone claiming to be from invitationsbychristine {DOT} com