Warning! Phishing Phone Call

Warning! Fake D&G insurance scam cold callsA friend received a very convincing phone call this afternoon, purported to be from Domestic & General, about his Washing Machine.

He was told that "Your insurance is due for renewal" (it is) "we can now offer you a month free and a reduction in monthly payments" so far so good details seem correct

Then "We just need to take some details off you, we need your bank sort code" bell starts to ring a little, he did give the sort code, then they asked " what is your account number?" bell rings louder

He kept refusing so he was `Transferred` to `another Department` but my friend kept refusing, and he said they could be heard saying "he`s not going to give it " and hung up.

Now this call was VERY convincing, So he rang D&G with a number he has on one of their Policy forms and the firm confirmed they are not making any special offer calls.

Worrying call in that the scammers seemed to know that his D&G insurance policy was up for renewal, though that could have been a coincidence, but one to be aware of I fear. The moral of the story is that if you get a cold call out of the blue offering you a discounted price for someting, it probably is a scam, check with your company, IF indeed you have a policy with them, using a number you found for yourself, never one given by the cold caller, and make sure you hear a dial tone after hanging up on them and before you dial the number you have. They just might just be hanging on to the line to make you think you have dialled the right number when in fact they are still on the line.