Warning! Fake Apple alert emails

Warning! Fake Apple Alert EmailsBe aware, there are fake infected emails alledgedly from Apple circulating currently. Of course, they are NOT from Apple and have no connection to Apple!

One I have received was sent from apple {at} sujacsewing {dot} com and had a subject of "Apple Alert Regarding Your Recent Order" and a link to "View Receipt" which actually links to a self-executing file hosted at notjunkla {dot} com. Various grammatical errors in the body of the email give it away that this is a scam and the aim of the fake email is to con people into clicking the link which will infect their computer with malware, possibly even encrypting your files causing you loss of data.

As ever, never click a link in an unexpected email, especially one that you are not expecting nor from a firm you've never heard, these days, it'll be an attempt to scam you or infect your computer.