Warning! Fake US Treasury email

Warning! Fake US treasury Scam EmailJust  received a lovely email from the US Secretary of the Treasury advising me that I am the beneficiary of some $3,550,000.00. All I have to do is confirm my email, Full Name, Residential Address, Phone number and Occupation.

Rather than simply reply to the treasury.com address, I should direct my reply to him at a qq.com which is a Chinese chat site email.

At least they are not after my bank details (YET), though they would need these in due course to transfer the money... OUT of my account if I were gullible enough to respond in any way.

As always, never, ever respond to such an obvious scam as this, it is not genuine and the only people who will benefit from this is the scammers attempting to con you into replying. All you would do by responding is open yourself up to threats and persistant calls and email trying to wear you down.