Lost mySQL User Password

Ever lost/forgotten your password to a mySQL Database user?

This is unrecoverable and you are recommended to re-create the user afresh. This unfortunately messed up any existing CMS website that uses that original user.

My solution? Nice and simple.

Create a fresh user, make a record of this new user's password for later, then add the new user to your original database, retaining the old user as well, and use the new user to access the database using your newer...

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All-in-One Running REALLY Slow?

If you have an All-in-One computer (cpu & monitor in one piece) that is running slow, REALLY slow?

Before taking the drastic steps of 1) Bunging it out the window or 2) resetting Windows, try this little tip.

Turn the computer off, turn the power off at the wall socket, then with it still plugged in via the mains cable, but turned off, press and hold the power on button for one full minute. This is supposed to clear the machine of a static build up.

I tried this on a client's...

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Windows 10 Anniversary Cortana Changes!

If you've been able to update your Windows 10 machine with this Anniversary Update then well done! None of my machines have successfully managed this. Instead I've had to press the reset button 3 times to get my machines to revert to the older Windows 10 OS.

The current version of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update is a lot more helpful than the earlier versions thankfully. Several of my clients have now found their machines updated to the newest version without much fuss.

However, Cortana is...

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Microsoft Scam

ringing telephone - animationDo you get those annoying phone calls from some Asian call centre advising you that your computer is faulty and as a Microsoft Centre these people can help you fix it?

It's a scam by the way, let's get that out of the way first, Microsoft will NEVER call you to say your computer is faulty, only scammers will do so. Well, you've had a call from these scum and they want access to your computer and they can do this remotely, all you need to do is (usually) visit a website and allow them to take...

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