All-in-One Running REALLY Slow?

If you have an All-in-One computer (cpu & monitor in one piece) that is running slow, REALLY slow?

Before taking the drastic steps of 1) Bunging it out the window or 2) resetting Windows, try this little tip.

Turn the computer off, turn the power off at the wall socket, then with it still plugged in via the mains cable, but turned off, press and hold the power on button for one full minute. This is supposed to clear the machine of a static build up.

I tried this on a client's machine recently and suggested by the mamufacturer's help desk. Did nothing! Then half an hour later, just before I started the Restore Windows 10 system going, it started to run perfectly once more.


So, the moral of the story is to give it 30-60 minutes (have your lunch whilst it thinks about it) before doing anything drastic!