Windows 10 Anniversary Cortana Changes!

If you've been able to update your Windows 10 machine with this Anniversary Update then well done! None of my machines have successfully managed this. Instead I've had to press the reset button 3 times to get my machines to revert to the older Windows 10 OS.

The current version of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update is a lot more helpful than the earlier versions thankfully. Several of my clients have now found their machines updated to the newest version without much fuss.

However, Cortana is now compulsory!

Thankfully, so long as you know what you are doing, and at your own risk, you can disable Cortana thanks to those nice people at HowToGeek.

Cortana now ignores your preferred Browser, so if you prefer Firefox over Edge, it will open any searches in Edge!

If you prefer Google, it'll search Bing and of course it quite happily reports back to MS on how you use Cortana!

If you value YOUR preferences and your privacy, check out the great HowToGeek article.