Ever lost/forgotten your password to a mySQL Database user?

This is unrecoverable and you are recommended to re-create the user afresh. This unfortunately messed up any existing CMS website that uses that original user.

My solution? Nice and simple.

Create a fresh user, make a record of this new user's password for later, then add the new user to your original database, retaining the old user as well, and use the new user to access the database using your newer requirements.

For example, I recently tried to add a CRON job to my sites to backup the databases I use.

The original DB Users passwords were long forgotten! I created a new user, xxx_cron, added this new user to my databases that I wished to create a regular backup and used this user for my cron jobs.

This way, the original user is unaffected, as is the software/web site used, and the new user allows cron jobs to backup the database without you remembering the old user's password!