Email Scam - April 2013

The latest email scam to hit our inboxes is disgusting to say the least! The scummers are bulk emailing their latest attempt to infect your computer by sending out disguised links under the heading of "Explosions at Boston Marathon" or variations on the theme. Also "Texas Explosions Injure Dozens".

The contents are a simple link of the format http followed by a series of numbers (an IP address) and /news.html or boston.html or texas.html.

I warn you not to respond to any such emails...

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Recommended Ink Supplier

If you need some replacement ink cartridges and you are willing to use/try compatible cartridges (saves a lot of money) I use Cartridge Save and their inks are top quality, their compatible prices are low, their service is top rate (free delivery, usually the next working day) and they don't spam!

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Adding Auto Date Updating

writeYou have a website, you want to add a copyright date that you can set and forget?

Rather than add something like Content copyright © 1998 - 2015 which has to be manually changed each year, simply add to your template code the following line:

Content copyright © 1998 - <?PHP echo date("Y"); ?>

Providing your Web Space includes the use of PHP, the above will display Content copyright © 1998 - Y where "Y" is the current year.



Reminder: Pending Notification Emails

As well as the annoying spam emails trying to get you to unsubscribe which only confirms your email address as active and opens you to more spam, there is also another type of spam emails flooding our inboxes, mainly from emails that have been harvested or machines that have been infected with so called Zombie trojans where the contents of your address box are used to both send to, and from, bogus Facebook friend notifications.

All the sending bot is trying to get you to do is click...

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Spam emails

There's a new flush of spam emails around at the end of 2012/early 2013, all trying to get you to click on a link to buy drugs or get you to unsubscribe, thus confirming your email address is actually valid. More every day in fact, I'll try to keep this list up to date.

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Cold Calls - Microsoft

247 PC Care is a scam that seems to have been running for some time after have a quick look around. They prey on the innocent people that don’t have the IT skills necessary to know what a virus actually is. Another firm using this scam is click2support.


Looking in Google brings up a LOT of reports on the internet about this firm under various alias as well a few other firms who seem to run the same sort of scam. This scam seems to start off with a cold call, usually with an Indian...

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