Selling on eBay

On the rare occasions we offer for sale items on eBay, we do not offer to sell/post overseas.

Just had notification from eBay that we have been enrolled in their Global Shipping Program. Apparently, if we sell abroad, eBay will supply us with a UK mailing address and then eBay will arrange the sending of goods overseas. Amazingly at no extra cost....


Order/Invoice etc Emails WARNING

Order/Invoice etc Emails danger icon

Currently there seems to be a number of spoof emails going the rounds, (July-September 2014). Still ongoing January 2015!

The Subjects (that I've already seen) include Invoice #, Statement #, Order # and even Termination #. Each is written in pretty poor English and always has an attachment with it that the message tries to con you into opening.

Don't! There's a Trojan of some sort attached, simply delete the message, preferably without viewing the email message and...

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BT Digital File eMail - FAKE

There is a fake BT malware spam email currently going the rounds (April 2014). It claims to have your BT digital file, requesting that you to scan attached file and reply to the email. Don't!

The attached zip contains an exe virus or trojan horse malware.

This is a spoof email that fakes the sender to appear to be from It isn't, one dead giveaway that this is malware is that for me at least, I don't use BT for my broadband NOR my telephone service either.



Latest Trojan Spam email

Just started to receive fraudulent messages supposedly from the uk Inland Revenue at ""

Of course it's a fake email, using a spoofed email supposedly sent from which itself is a fake address.

The attachment is a trojan and should of course NOT be opened under any circumstances.

Deleted that and almost immediately a follow on fake email come in, again from but spoofed as if it...

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Cancer Email SCAM!

Currently (March 2014) there is a pretty nasty email scam doing the rounds.

Appearing to be from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence with a title of Blood Test Results Email stating that your blood test results are positive for Cancer, this is a FAKE email and the virus that the hackers want you to install on your computer is in the attached ZIP file which is approx 130Kb in size.

If you receive one of these, do not open it, most certainly do not click on the attchamnet...

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Paypal email scam

There is a very genuine looking paypal scam email going the rounds this January/February 2014.

You receive an email and in my case, to my ebay account email, that your paypal account has been limited due to suspicions that a third party has accessed your PayPal account. It even has a genuine looking paypal ID and comes from

Unfortunately, that is not paypal in that above address, but, in otherwords the lower case character "L" is replaced with an upper case "i"...

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November eMail Spam

The latest eMail scam going around seems to involve the sending of emails with the subject "Image {day} {month} {year}" so on the 19th of November 2013 (today), I've already received three of these with the subject "Image 19 11 2013" from people I don't know but the sender email is basically two letters, underscore, and what's supposed to be a surname.

All with images as attachments and no instructions. I imagine if you view the image you run the risk of infecting your machine. Strong...

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(not) Amazon Scam

A current Email scam  going the rounds is purporting to be from Amazon (it isn't), very professional and looked very authentic. It offered a £50 Voucher as we are good customers. Contacted Amazon who agreed that is was a SCAM. So if you get one, report it to stop-spoofing (at)
Do not follow any of the links contained in the Email.

Email Scam - April 2013

The latest email scam to hit our inboxes is disgusting to say the least! The scummers are bulk emailing their latest attempt to infect your computer by sending out disguised links under the heading of "Explosions at Boston Marathon" or variations on the theme. Also "Texas Explosions Injure Dozens".

The contents are a simple link of the format http followed by a series of numbers (an IP address) and /news.html or boston.html or texas.html.

I warn you not to respond to any such emails...

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Recommended Ink Supplier

If you need some replacement ink cartridges and you are willing to use/try compatible cartridges (saves a lot of money) I use Cartridge Save and their inks are top quality, their compatible prices are low, their service is top rate (free delivery, usually the next working day) and they don't spam!

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