PDFZilla Review

Having given PDFZilla a trial today in an effort to allow me to copy and paste from a PDF file for which I've long lost the original Word Document I must say I was impressed.

Although I was using the Trial Version of PDFZilla and thus was limited to 8 files and only half of each file was converted I must admit that I was surprised just how fast the conversion occurred. I tried various files of PDF converting to a MS Word® document file, a Text file and even JPG and PNG image files. The folder holding the output file was opened complete with the resulting file before I could register that PDFZilla had actually started, never mind finished!

In fact downloading the file from PDFZilla, installation and the conversion of these three files was done long before a download of a competitor's pdf convertor was even half way through! This thing's fast!

If you haven't got MS Word®, than use HTML or TEXT options and you can easily cut and paste out of the resulting file, if you want to send a PDF as a MS Word® doc then convert it to Word, then send it via email, it'll probably take longer to email it than to convert it.

To sum up, in use, PDFZilla is fast and easy. There are no complicated settings to do, the only setting to change is if you want sound on or off, and you can change the output folder. That's it. Load the PDF by browsing to it, or Drag and Drop, select the output format if different to that shown, click convert and then just open the converted file in your chosen editor. Job done.

To buy it is just under $50 normally, though as I write this it's on offer at just under $30 which is less than the competitor's pdf converter that has finally downloaded. Converting the same PDF newsletter took mere seconds in PDFZilla, a couple of minutes in the other. PDFZilla resulted in a very good match to the original, the competitor’s layout was not close, sections were missed and as I say, it took a lot longer. Plus there were a lot of settings to set before it would work, slowly. PDFZilla, drag and drop a file, click convert, open resulting file, no messing about, it simply did the job with no time wasted.

Personally, for me, PDFZilla would be my choice.