Multiple Content in phpList

phpList Version 2 specific informationSometimes it seems that one content area in your phpList Newsletter message, just isn't enough. So it was good news when a couple of people tried to help out by creating a phpList Plug-in to do just that.

Unfortunately, these only worked with earlier versions of the code and support fell by the way as these things do.

DuncanC, my fellow authorised phpList support tech from London, has taken this project on and we are delighted to say that the results are exciting. Note however...

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Multiple Content in phpList Helpfile

phpList LogoOverview

This plugin extends phpList's Template functionality by allowing you to define multiple Content Regions within your Templates.

You are also able to include or exclude sections of your Template based on whether one of these Content Regions is empty or not.

Basic Usage

Your Template

Begin by creating your template. Wherever you wish to insert a Content Region do so by entering the PBTS_XTRA tag:

[PBTS_XTRA name="MyNewColumn"]

There are more options and...

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