iPad Overheating?

iPad hints & tipsIs your iPad overheating or using it's charge rapidly?

Then you may be running a lot of applications in the background. Double tap the Home Button and this should show you all the apps currently loaded. If there's a lot of them, you may find that your iPad gets hotter than normal or discharges the battery faster than you expect.

To see if this is the case, whilst in the screen showing all the apps currently running (double tap Home Button) browse through the apps running and when you find one you haven't used for a while, swipe upwards to remove it from the running list. Keep going until you've removed all apps you don't want to run at present.

You'll have to do this from time to time as it seems that everytime you run an app, it doesn't exit even though you close it.

Obviously if your iPad still gets really hot, then there may be a fault on it, or you need the battery re-placing, but this is worth a try initally as it costs you nothing.