Warning! Fake TV Licensing Emails

TV Licensing ScamJust received yet another email alledgedly from the TV License people advising me that they are unable to take my next Direct Debit.

This time the entire email is hosted remotely so simply looking at it normally (ie: in outlook/outlook express/web mail) gives the scammers knowledge that your email is valid .It is sent from [email protected] with links to onlinetaxwayindian.com and includes a link to 8ac65f38.ngrok.io/payforlicence
All of which is highly suspect.

Never click a link in a suspect email asking for your bank details, always type in the address into a new browser window or use Google to find the correct website.

The genuine UK TV Licensing site is https://www.tvlicensing.co.uk/cs/pay-for-your-tv-licence/index.app