Warning! Fake Vodafone bill email

Fake Vodafone bill email WarningLatest fake, and infected, email is supposed to come from vodafone, but doesn't of course! Spoofed email address is vodafone.com but in fact is sent from vodafonestore.net which is nothing to do with the genuine mobile phone firm.

The email comes with the subject of Online Bill Manager - Your Phone Bill is ready to view and in my case my monthly bill is for 331.30 GBP which is £331.30 more than my normal (non-vodafone) mobile bill is!

The infected file is once again hosted at sharepoint.com which seems to be heavily used by these scammers: nationalit-my.sharepoint.com/personal/paul_maranzano_com_au/_layouts/15/ (partial url). I do notice that all the recent scam emails do seem to use a url that suggests they are based in Australia (au), though I have no idea it that is a coincidence or not.

As always, NEVER click on a link in such an obviously fake email as they will not be a PDF as the scammers suggest, but an auto running file that will infect your computer.