Warning! Fake Companies House Emails!

Infected Email warning - CyberFraudJust received TWO emails alledgedly from Companies House today. These are fake and infected and actually sent by companieshousei.com (Note the i). IF these where genuine, the domain would be .gov.uk.

Both have links to infected files, one on 118enquiries.com and the other to cdaets-my.sharepoint.com/personal/nathan_martin_cdatasystems_com_au.  NEVER EVER click on links in fake emails. Simply delete from your server and never view them as sometimes the images are hosted remotely and can inform the sender that your email is valid by your viewing them. Turn off the preview option in Outlook etc.

A Companies House representive has also advised that these can be forwarded to phishing {at} companieshouse {dot} gov {dot} uk.